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About Peace of Mind CCS


From US-127: Turn West onto Holt Rd. Proceed West for 1.3 miles. Peace of Mind CCS is located inside the Boulder Building on the South (left) side of the road, just over and past the train tracks. Please park in front of the building, as side and rear parking are reserved for other businesses.




Peace of Mind Counseling, Consulting, and Supervision LLC currently provides a variety of clinical mental and behavioral health services for individuals, couples, and families. Areas of clinical expertise and focus vary by clinician, and can be found in each clinician's staff biography. POM clinicians also maintain their own availability and schedules. General availability information can also be found in each clinician's staff biography.


Consulting services are available to persons and organizations in need of third-party assistance in a variety of areas, including program and policy development, mediation (including conflict mediation), crisis assessment and management, interpersonal skills training, and motivation. Interested parties will be invited to discuss their needs with a clinical consultant to make necessary arrangements.


Clinical supervision is offered for both Master of Counseling program student interns and Limited License Counselors (LLCs, formerly LLPCs) working toward graduation or full licensure. Our clinical supervisors are trained and credentialed per the State of Michigan's Supervisor Education Requirement (Michigan Administrative Rule R 338.1757, Rule 7). Though we are not currently equipped to provide supervision to other limited license mental health professionals, our aim is to expand our ability to do so in the future.



Peace of Mind Counseling, Consulting, and Supervision LLC was founded October 10, 2017. Initially created for the provision of clinical supervision for Limited License Professional Counselors in the state of Michigan, POM was named with the hope of one day expanding into a fully-operational provider of therapeutic services. Less than one year later, that hope was realized when Peace of Mind CCS opened its doors to the public on April 1, 2018.

POM has partnered with Simplicity Billing, LLC and utilizes the My Clients Plus client management system for easy and pain-free administration.

Peace of Mind Counseling, Consulting, and Supervision LLC

"Humans helping humans find peace of mind."

4025 Holt Rd Ste 205 Holt, MI 48842 • (517) 881-7231 •

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